At Grady’s, we’ve invested in the very latest computer technology to analyze your feet. With the iStep Footscan System over 3000 sensors evaluate the pressures on the soles of your feet and a detailed analysis of your feet is made.

With all this data your feet are displayed on the screen in a color coded digital format and 3D format that shows exactly what your feet look like. Based on this information the iStep recommends which over the counter orthotic will suit your problem and relieve your pain.

Many people needlessly suffer from foot and leg pain that can be helped with some extra longitudinal and/or metatarsal arch support. Custom orthotics may be the answer in some cases, but the majority of people will feel better and get relief with ready made orthotic inserts.

We carry both Birkenstock Arch Supports and the NEW Lynco 2200 Series Memory Foam orthotics in posted, non posted, metatarsal and non metatarsal support:


For more information or a Free Analysis of your feet come visit us in Lansdowne Place. There is no charge or obligation and we’d be happy to provide you with a printout of your scan results.