Grady’s Photo Contest

A big thank you to everyone who submitted their photos to our Photo Contest over the years – we really appreciate them and enjoy seeing our shoes worn around town and around the world! 

Our 2019 Photo Contest is now open!

Entering is Easy…

  1. Simply email your picture to*
  2. Or Like our Facebook page and send us a private message with your entry
  3. Or tweet your photo using the hashtag #gradyphotocontest (tag @gradyshoes).

* Please include an explanation of where/when the photo was taken and/or why you love them.  The footwear can be worn by you or a family member in the photo or artfully displayed.

Everyone who enters will receive:

Instant $10 in-store credit for first entry (one credit per person per year, may not be combined with credits received by other people).

Draw prizes – All eligible entries will be entered for a chance to win a draw prize:

1st Prize – $100 Grady’s Gift Card
2nd Prize – $75 Grady’s Gift Card
3rd Prize – $50 Grady’s Gift Card

Note: Our random draw to win 1 of 3 Grady’s Gift Cards takes place on Jan. 2, 2020.

2019 Entries

2018 Entries

2018 Photo Contest Random Draw Winners:

1. $100 Grady’s Gift Card ~ Sindi Reber-Hawley
2. $75 Grady’s Gift Card ~ Missy Lynch-Compton
3. $50 Grady’s Gift Card ~ Joyce Jorgensen

2017 Entries

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