I was very impressed from the moment I entered. Karen your sales rep. greeted me and made me feel at ease. She measured my foot and the moment I tried on the shoes I knew they were for me. She offered more choices but the first one was for me. I am enjoying wearing my new shoes and I will return to Grady’s. It was a pleasure doing business with you!!
– Doris Richards

When I bought my first pair of Birkenstocks at Grady’s Feet Essentials, not only was I given a service, but I was given an experience. The staff welcomes you in the store like old friends. They genuinely listen to what you say, and they are not bothered by personal anecdotes. In turn, the connectivity between clerk and client is surpassed.
– Doug Earl

I went in knowing I wanted Blundstones. Tracy had asked if I had them before and started telling me all about them when I said no. She was very knowledgeable and explained care and fit and even how to put them on properly. I was in a big rush the day I came in and she made sure I was in and out quickly. She was fantastic! Thank you!

Grady’s, hands down, has the best customer service around. They listen, they know their products and they want to make sure you leave with a smile on your face. I even saved $5 for joining their (free) customer loyalty program. Customer service didn’t end when I left the store. About two weeks after I bought my Blundstone’s, I received a thank you card in the mail. Who does that anymore? It made my day! Grady’s is now my footwear store!

– Debra Bursey

I was in last Friday with my 5 month old baby and bought a pair of Blundstones. I was helped by Cathy and she made sure I was getting the appropriate size as I would have ended up with a size too small if she had just taken my request. Her product knowledge was excellent and she was very friendly.

While getting one boot on, my baby decided he had enough and wasn’t prepared to wait any longer. Luckily, Kathy was there and stepped in as only a grandma can to hold and entertain little Oliver so this new mom could finish trying on her boots and complete the transaction. All this to say that I had a wonderful experience and will be back again.Thank you to the two (C)Kathys!
– Sarah Swales

Good and friendly service! Nice to know that there are alternatives for inserts that are not high end orthotics. Thank you!
– Elizabeth McMahon

Shopping at Grady’s was a wonderful experience! Their staff are friendly and very helpful. The staff shared tips and tricks with me about my favorite shoes, I would highly recommend a visit!
– Karen Shillinglaw

A pleasant surprise when walking through Lansdowne Place Mall. A small store with a good selection of shoes, reasonable prices, and very knowledgeable and helpful staff. I will definitely check it out again when I come back to visit my son in Peterborough.
– J Horodnyk

The staff member that served me was very patient. It took a fair amount of time and quite a few selection of shoes before I was able to choose the right shoes that were comfortable for my feet, right foot has bunion and arthritic toe.
– Alice Stoynoff

My mother has bad legs and has to sit often. She wanted to go to a store to get a cheap pair of sandals for the summer but I decided to take her to Grady’s. She can actually stand for a much longer time now and loves her sandals. Kathy was extremely knowledgeable and helpful with my mother.
– Holly Heenan

Walking into your store was like a dream come true! It was recommended by all the stores we already had gone to to search for a specialty slipper.  My father is 89 years OLD, he is a dialysis patient in PRHC and he could not wear shoes anymore because his feet were so badly swollen. However, the swelling goes up and down and he is more comfortable, than he has ever been, but because of his blood pressure and no elevation from Peterborough to Wilberforce (125 km trip for dialysis), he has a terrible time.

The shoes I purchased are PERFECT.  They were recommended by the sales girl and I cannot tell you how thankful I am that he is now able to wear shoes and is comfortable. The dialysis unit no longer has a problem taking his shoes on and off and they thought the shoes were amazing.

Keep up the good work, I  have been in customer service most of my life and I will say that you should be very proud of your staff. Once again, thank you for having the foresight to see what the elderly need.  YOU GUYS ARE THE GREATEST!
– Jane Wilborn

I have always found your staff to be excellent. I had a real problem with heel spurs and was going on a holiday to Newfoundland. You were a life-saver as I could walk comfortably and enjoy my holiday!
– Connie Schroter

Wonderful staff and a great selection – Grady’s had what I couldn’t find anywhere else.
– Penny Boyd

Amazing service!! Lori took the time to measure my foot and explain exactly how the sandal should fit!! Definitely would come from Ajax again!
– Suzy C.

Excellent staff, excellent selection, and excellent customer service! Will definitely be back!
– Kelley Curtis

For service and satisfaction, go to the store where the staff know their business! You’ll walk away in comfort with a proper fit and satisfied with your purchase.
– Kimberly Johnston

It was a very enjoyable experience. The staff knowledgeable and friendly. Great product care advice. I will definitely return for future footwear needs, as well as recommend to others. 🙂
– Shelley Buchan

The service and expertise on shoes is exceptional and the quality is absolutely fantastic! I enjoy shopping here at Grady’s.
– Claire Dungate

I went into Grady’s to find a sandal that I could use my orthotics with. The representative Kathy was helping me find different choices – poor girl – I think we tried 15 or 20 different sandals – but either my orthotics didn’t fit the sandal properly or they weren’t exactly what I was looking for – but in a friendly manner she persevered and we finally found a sandal that fit the orthotic as well as being a comfortable fit on my feet. Thank you Grady’s and thanks for your help Kathy!!!
– Pip Cleveland, Cobourg

Excellent selection of quality footwear and staff that really know their stuff and care about the true fit of the shoes sandals and boots.
– Ian Collins

Grady’s staff serve you best……they keep on trying till you are satisfied!
– Heather Jansen

It was the easiest purchase I have ever made. Just knowing the knowledge that the staff had and knew what my answer was going to be before I even said anything.
– Joe Graham

So glad I stopped in to Grady’s when I did; my plantar fasciitis is now in check and I am so relieved! Best ‘on a whim’ decision and purchase I’ve made in a very long time and so worth it 🙂
– Kelly Cordick

In the past, and because I have big feet, shoe shopping was always stressful and unpleasant. Not any more, not since I’ve discovered Grady’s. Twice I have visited the shop, twice I have purchased shoes and both times I had a happy experience, was treated to superb customer service and came away most pleased with the product, the value and the overall experience.
– Pamela Perrault

The sales staff really cared about getting me the right fit. Even though they knew they had a sale they kept trying to find me that “Perfect Pair” And they did! The highest quality shoe isn’t worth a dime if it doesn’t fit proper. Grady’s takes the time to make it right.
– Gord Walker

I was so happy with my experience at Grady’s! Kathy was so great at assisting me find the perfect sandals for my feet! She even found a pair that was on sale! I will be back in the future and I will be recommending all my family and friends to shop there too!
– Deanna Kelly

Grady’s was fantastic! I’m pregnant with my first child and every mother before me that I’ve talked to said: Get to Grady’s and get yourself some Birkenstocks, they saved my life!! So I took their advice and have found myself passing that piece of advice on to some of my newly pregnant friends as well! They were so friendly, and knowledgeable, and it made buying shoes more than just buying shoes. Thanks Grady’s!!
– Andrea Hatton

I have been suffering with metatarsal pain for 2 months. It’s not easy to get in to see my family physician, and I really didn’t want to waste his time with what I thought was a trivial problem. I did some on-line research and purchased small, triangular metatarsal pads, but was still limping and showing no signs of improvement. Within 5 minutes of walking into Grady’s, Janet had me pain-free, walking with an insole support. I have not looked back. Great customer support and I will be buying shoes there from now on.
– Ann Bulpit

Non pushy and factual advice by kind and friendly staff left me walking out with a smile.
– James H.

Finding Grady’s at Lansdowne Place was like finding money in my coat pocket. A happy surprise.
– Doris Douglas

It was a pleasure doing business with this company. Their Customer Service is superb.
– Sue Ezway

I have been looking for comfortable supportive boots for some time. I work in a industry that has me on my feet often inside and out. Kathy not only took the time to ask about my needs, but went out of her way to make sure my needs were exceeded. I love my new Blundstones, and will be back for another pair before long!
– James Forde